Donate Stock

A gift of stock is a great way to support GJP and may provide you with tax relief.  Please consult your advisor.

We have outlined a series of steps below to help with the transfer. If you have any questions, please contact Shannon DeMyers at or 404-827-0027 ext. 215. 

Step 1: Initiate the Transfer  

There are two ways to contribute securities to Georgia Justice Project. Electronic transfer allows your broker to transfer shares using Georgia Justice Project’s DTC number. Electronic transfer of stock shares is the most secure and expedient delivery process and provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. 

You may also transfer certificates directly to GJP by physically mailing the paper certificates to Georgia Justice Project. 

Step 2: Notify us of your Intent  

Regardless of how you give the stock to GJP, the donor or the transferring broker must provide the following information for audit and acknowledgment purposes:

  • Donor’s name and complete address
  • Name and number of securities transferred
  • Date of the transfer
  • Specific GJP program to which gift should be directed, if any 

You may provide a letter, or send an e-mail to communicate this information at the time of transfer to: 

Georgia Justice Project

Attn: Lori Glidewell, Director of Development

438 Edgewood Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30312


Phone: 404-827-0027 ext.217

Fax: 404-827-0026 

Step 3: Method Delivery  

A.  Securities delivered electronically 

Donate your stock to Georgia Justice Project through Alexander Key Investments, and the stock will be sold commission-free for Georgia Justice Project. 

SunTrust Investment Services

Attn: Michael Breed

DTC Number: 0226

Account Name: Georgia Justice Project (Tax I.D. Number 58-1917659)

ACCT Number: AX6015989

Or call Michael Breed at 866-253-9468 


B.  Securities delivered by mail 

Mail your UNENDORSED certificate(s) with stock waiver and stock power, in separate envelopes, by registered mail, to: 

Georgia Justice Project

Attn:  Lori Glidewell, Director of Development

438 Edgewood Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30312 

Upon the receipt of the gift, a letter of thanks and acknowledgement will be sent from Georgia Justice Project.   If you have any further questions, please call Shannon DeMyers, 404-827-0027 ext. 215 or Lori Glidewell 404-827-0027 ext. 217.