Clients’ Stories

Video: Volunteering With GJP

Chaplain Gwen Boyd-Willis spent 15 years unable to find employment because of her criminal record. Thanks to Georgia-Pacific attorney & GJP volunteer Michael Davis, Gwen’s record has now been sealed (commonly known as “expungement”), making it possible for her to … Continue reading

Volunteer Success Story – Al Adams

We have an exciting update to a GJP success story to share! Recently, we shared news of a GJP appellate victory with the help of GJP volunteer attorney Al Adams (retired partner from Holland & Knight) that highlights the invaluable … Continue reading

Client Story – JT

JT first came to GJP last year for help. A 17-year-old teen already caught in the revolving door of crime and poverty, he was motivated but struggling to stay on his track toward a better future. JT had a precarious … Continue reading

NF’s Story

GJP met NF when he was only 17 but facing serious criminal charges.  NF comes from a tight knight, low-income family. He wanted to contribute to the family income but had not completed high school and had no work skills … Continue reading

WJ’s Story

GJP represented WJ many years ago on a serious criminal charge. During his decades of incarceration, GJP continued to provide him support and serve as a resource for his successful reentry. Over the next 30 years, we wrote, visited and … Continue reading

David’s Story

Like so many GJP clients, David was referred to us by another non-profit.  When we met him nearly 20 years ago, he was living in his car, struggling with addiction, and facing criminal charges.  Yet, David wanted to change, he wanted a … Continue reading