Intern Reflections

Georgia Justice Project (GJP) had a rewarding summer this year, with 6 interns coming on board to help with daily operations, administrative support, and our annual Back to School event. Summer is a busy time for GJP, and we rely on support from summer interns to accomplish as much as possible.

GJP’s legal interns this year included Natalie Savoie Cauley (Yale Law School), Bryant Anthony (Cornell Law School), Aaron Voldman (New York University Law School), and Margaret Studdard (Duke Law School). Legal interns provided valuable support to our legal department, including helping with casework and policy research.

GJP’s undergraduate interns this year included Whitney Westbrook (University of South Carolina) and Martha Selph (Elon University). Undergraduate interns are essential in helping to plan our annual Back to School event, along with supporting general administrative tasks throughout the summer months.

In addition to utilizing support from summer interns to expand our reach, GJP also offered the opportunity for interns to become invested in our work, and learn more about issues of criminal justice reform. Interns were asked to reflect on their time with GJP as the program ended. You can find excerpts from their experiences, as well as reflections from other past interns, below.

Claire’s Story

I have felt the most surprised that GJP doesn’t really screen potential clients based on guilt/innocence. During my first month, I’ve been struck that while staff usually has a sense about whether a particular client is guilty or not, it doesn’t affect their approach to the case. Instead, the screening is more about whether the client is really ready to move on and improve their life.

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Ashley’s Story

This month at GJP, I have felt most surprised when I realized exactly how close the office was to the MLK Historic Site. While shooting a short video about GJP on the back porch of Martin Luther King’s house, I saw the roof of the Georgia Justice Project.

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