Law Student Internships

*Please note that we have filled our positions for Summer 2022 and Fall 2022*

GJP hosts law students on both a full- and part-time basis during the school year. Over the summer, law students are with us full-time. GJP interns may assist with one or all three facets of legal work at GJP depending on their interest and our current needs: (1) criminal defense (2) policy advocacy; and (3) reentry legal services:

  • Criminal Defense: GJP represents indigent criminal defendants in municipal, state, and superior court (felonies and misdemeanors). Students assist with all aspects of a case. During the summer, students interview potential clients, gather information from court and police personnel, visit crime scenes, interview witnesses, participate in negotiations with prosecutors, perform legal research, draft and file motions, and observe court proceedings.
  • Policy Advocacy: GJP’s policy work aims to remove barriers to reentry so that Georgians who have past involvement in the criminal justice system can access economic opportunity, support their families, and contribute to their communities. GJP has established itself as a subject-matter expert with legislators by providing factual data and first-hand testimony about the impact of Georgia’s laws on directly-impacted people.  GJP’s current legislative priorities are eliminating poverty-based driver’s license suspensions, removing barriers to occupational licensing, and expanding criminal record restriction and sealing (expungement). Students will assist with research, drafting materials, and outreach.
  • Barriers to Reentry: GJP assists clients whose criminal record acts as a barrier to opportunities, such as employment and housing. We file applications for restriction (expungement) of criminal records and file related motions and petitions, we help remove barriers to driver’s licenses, and we assist with child support modifications.  Work will include correcting clients’ criminal history reports, drafting and arguing court motions, and applying for pardons.  Students will also assist with legal research and writing needs related to appeals and other criminal records issues.  Students will assist with our collaboration with a new and innovative reentry prison in Atlanta to remove barriers for the men who are about to be released from the facility.


  • GJP will consider both current 1Ls and 2Ls
  • An interest in the criminal justice system and racial and social justice
  • Strong writing and research skills
  • Organized and prepared to work in a collaborative and team-driven work environment
  • Updated vaccination against COVID-19

Georgia Justice Project is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, which welcomes applicants of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations and strongly encourages people with a criminal history and people who have a family member impacted by the justice system to apply.