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GJP’s 2021 Policy Agenda

After the successful 2020 legislative session (where we successfully advocated for SB 288 to pass into law) we are ramping up for the 2021 legislative session and expanding our focus to several issues of reentry for Georgians.

Below you will find GJP’s 2021 policy agenda and our various areas of focus including: probation reform, driver’s license suspension reform, child support reform for low income families, and our continued work expanding record restriction in Georgia.



Georgia has the highest rate of correction control in the country (that is, individuals in jail/prison or under probation/parole). The main factor contributing to this problem is Georgia’s lengthy and uncapped probation sentences. GJP will be focusing on various elements of probation reform in order to reduce the number of Georgians under correctional control, beginning with conforming the existing pathways for early termination.



GJP will be including driver’s license suspension reform as well in the upcoming session, including eliminating the suspension of driver’s licenses for non-driving offenses and expanding the Paupers Affidavit to allow waiving 100% of the reinstatement fee for suspended drivers licenses.



In Georgia, child support continues to accrue while a parent is incarcerated, despite the likely loss of income as a result of their conviction. Because of this, GJP has seen many Georgians being released from prison in tens of thousands of child support debt that they have no ability to pay. GJP’s policy focus will include stopping debt accrual while a parent is incarcerated, among other reforms, which will strengthen the child support system for low income families.



GJP will continue to push for expansion of record restriction (commonly known as “expungement”) in Georgia. Our future focus in this area will include automatic restriction and sealing, and expanding the law to include expungement of certain felonies.