Georgia Justice Project’s mission is to reduce the number of Georgians under correctional control and to reduce barriers to reentry.  GJP led the charge on  two significant policy wins in the 2020 and 2021 legislative sessions: Senate Bill 288 (expanding expungement of convictions) and Senate Bill 105 (increasing access to early termination of felony probation). GJP will continue to seek positive reforms to remove barriers to opportunity for Georgians impacted by the criminal legal system under the banner of #GettingGeorgiansBacktoWork.

GJP has three legislative priorities for 2022 aimed at reducing barriers to opportunity for Georgians impacted by the criminal justice system:

We invite you to get involved and help advocate for change:

  • Sign up for action alerts – stay informed about what is happening with bills during the legislative session, and make your voice heard by contacting your elected officials.
  • Share your experience with a suspended driver’s license and/or applying for an occupational license with a criminal record. Legislators need to hear how these policies negatively impact Georgia families. 
  • If you are an employer and see how these policies impact your ability to hire and retain workers, contact us. GJP has successfully partnered with companies in the past to remove barriers to job seekers and help companies meet their workforce needs.