Policy Agenda

 Georgia Justice Project’s 2018 Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations

  1. Expand mechanisms for the restriction and sealing of conviction information from criminal histories.
  • Allow individuals convicted of misdemeanors and certain felonies to petition the court for these convictions to be restricted and sealed after a period of conviction-free years.
  • Make modifications to existing record restriction reforms that better effectuate the intended implementation and impact.
  1. Eliminate barriers to housing for people with criminal records.
  • Promote statewide education to ensure compliance with state and federal guidance, including HUD’s November 2015 Guidance and April 2016 Guidance, which laid out substantial limitations to the consideration of criminal records in public and private housing decisions.
  • Amend the Fair Housing section of the Georgia Code to prohibit housing discrimination on the basis of an arrest or criminal record and require public and private housing providers to determine the relevancy of a person’s criminal history prior to excluding an applicant on that basis.



Policy Implementation

  1. Monitor the implementation of Governor Deal’s Ban the Box Executive Order.
  • Work with the Department of Administrative Services to ensure the timely and complete implementation of the Ban the Box rule.
  1. Monitor the Department of Community Supervision’s creation of a certificate of sentence completion.
  • Work with DOC and DCS to create a certificate of sentence completion to certify to employers, landlords, lenders, schools, and others that a person has fully completed their sentence and is under no further obligation to the state.
  1. Monitor the effective administration of Georgia’s record restriction statutes.
  2. Monitor the implementation of SB 367 reforms to Georgia’s First Offender Act.
  • Promote education surrounding judge discretion to grant retroactive First Offender treatment.
  • Promote efforts that advocate for proper prosecutorial discretion in situations that permit retroactive First Offender treatment.
  • Ensure the expedient modification of reported First Offender status updates by Clerks of Court
  1. Monitor the implementation of applying Ban-the-Box to Occupational Licensing.
  • Ensure that the myriad of Georgia licensing boards implement this approach when considering someone’s criminal record.


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