Second Chance for Georgia Campaign – Policy Agenda

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Second Chance for Georgia Campaign – 2021 Policy Agenda

The Second Chance for Georgia Campaign, led by Georgia Justice Project (GJP), was formed with a singular goal in mind: to bring together a broad base of diverse stakeholders to speak with one voice about the need to expand Georgia’s expungement law to allow restriction and sealing (expungement) of certain misdemeanor and felony convictions after a period of conviction free years.  More than 76 organizations and congregations endorsed the initial campaign.

The Campaign’s first effort was a success!  Senate Bill 288 was passed and signed into law by Governor Kemp, and took effect January 1, 2021.  This law brings Georgia more in line with the majority of states that allow expungement of some convictions and can positively impact more than 1 million Georgians who have a criminal record.  While there is still work to be done to provide true second chances for more of the 4.3 million people with a Georgia criminal record, it is a huge step forward.  GJP will continue to work to expand eligibility and to streamline or automate the expungement process so more people can access this new legal remedy.

For the 2021-22 legislative session, GJP has expanded its policy goals beyond expungement to other important reentry reforms:

  • Reducing Georgia’s Long Probation Sentences
  • Eliminating Poverty-Based Driver’s License Suspensions
  • Improving Child Support for Low-Income Families
  • Expanding Expungement Eligibility & Streamlining/Automating the Process

We are not asking for organizational endorsements for each of these policy goals, but many of the same organizations and individuals are joining with us to advocate for these legislative changes to further reduce barriers to reentry.  Sign up for action alerts to receive updates about bills and how you can advocate for change.