How to Correct Identity Theft on My Criminal History

If someone used your personal identifying information at the time of his or her arrest, there is a chance that arrest will appear on your criminal history when an employer uses a name-based check to access your criminal record. When this happens, you must complete a record inspection with GCIC, which will compare your fingerprints to the fingerprints on file for the disputed arrest. If GCIC confirms the information on your record is incorrect and that someone falsely used your identity at the time of his or her arrest, you will be issued a certificate indicating that your fingerprints do not match the arrest records. You must take this certificate to the arresting agency and request that your personal identifying information be deleted from the criminal history record of the person who used your personal information. After the information is deleted the arrest will no longer appear on a name-based check for your criminal record.

Here are specific instructions on the record inspection process in person or by mail.

In Person:

  1. Get a money order or certified bank check, payable to the Georgia Crime Information Center in the amount of $25.00. This fee includes $10.00 for inspection and $15.00 for fingerprinting. (NOTE: GCIC will also accept cash in the exact amount.)
  2. Take valid government-issued identification and the $25.00 payment to GCIC, located at 3121 Panthersville Road in Decatur, Georgia, 30037. If possible, you should also bring your social security card. GCIC is open Monday thru Friday (excluding state holidays) from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. (NOTE: The inspection process takes 10-14 days. Be sure to provide a valid address so the results can be mailed to you.)

By Mail:

Mail the following information to GCIC at:

Georgia Crime Information Center

CCH/Identification Services

P.O. Box 370748

Decatur GA 30037

  1. A brief explanation of the need for the inspection, including your signature and the specific information being challenged. Also be sure to provide a complete return mailing address and a valid telephone number.
  2. Two (2) completed fingerprint cards with all of your personal information (name, date/place of birth and social security number) and a current set of ten (10) rolled fingerprints and eight (8) flat finger impressions. Fingerprints and impressions must be taken by a law enforcement agency, and valid identification must be presented to the agency prior to being fingerprinted.
  3. A money order or certified bank check for the inspection fee in the amount of $10.00, payable to the Georgia Crime Information Center.

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