How long does a restriction take?

If the arrest ended in a non-conviction and happened before July 1, 2013, it may take several months for a record to be restricted.  It is a two phase process.  The first step is to submit a restriction application (receive from GJP) with the needed documents along with a $25 fee to the arresting agency.  It can take several months for an application to be approved or denied.  If the application is approved the application is submitted to the Georgia Crime Information Center with another $25 fee and the arrest will be sealed in approximately 6 weeks.

If the arrest ended in a non-conviction and happened after July 1, 2013, it should be restricted automatically when the disposition is entered into GCIC. If that does not happen, you may need to contact the prosecutor or clerk’s office.

If the arrest ended in a conviction, a petition needs to be filed in court and a Judge would have to order a restriction. That process can also take several months.

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