Koch Industries “Bans the Box” on Employment Applications

Today one of the largest employers in the United States, Koch Industries, joins Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond and implemented a fair chance hiring policy, known as “ban the box.” To read the article in USA TODAY, click here

“Ban the box” improves chances for people with criminal histories to prove job qualifications, for employers to find the best candidate and for taxpayers to yield a better return on criminal justice tax dollars.

GJP  has been an advocate for “ban the box” hiring policies for both public and private employers for the last two years. Last month GJP Policy Director, Marissa McCall Dodson, participated on a panel sponsored by the Charles Koch Institute and other esteemed criminal justice experts to explore the ways Georgia’s approach to criminal justice  reform has worked and what needs further examination. The event was titled “From State in Crisis to Reform Leader,” and in her remarks Dodson highlighted the government’s continued role in addressing the lifetime social stigma that exists for people with criminal records by setting the example of the proper use of criminal records in the hiring process. 

To watch “From State in Crisis to Reform” click here.

GJP is excited about this recent pledge to fair hiring by Koch Industries and will continue to advocate for other public and private employers to do the same.