Lawyer to Lawyer Campaign

What is Lawyer to Lawyer?

Lawyer to Lawyer is a grassroots fundraising campaign that asks Atlanta’s lawyers to make a contribution to help fund the legal work of Georgia Justice Project.

Who Participates?

Any Atlanta lawyer who makes a contribution to GJP is part of Lawyer to Lawyer.  Many of Atlanta’s law firms have a “Lawyer to Lawyer Captain” who first makes a donation and then asks his/her firm colleagues to do the same.  Captains are critical to the success of Lawyer to Lawyer because they help us reach many more people than our staff resources would otherwise allow.  Click here to see a list of this year’s participating firms and firm captains.

Why should Atlanta’s Lawyers Support GJP?

  1. Lawyers understand the difference that high-quality legal representation can make.  Georgia Justice Project offers just such representation to its clients, who lack wealth and access.  Click here for more information about Georgia Justice Project.
  2. GJP receives no government or United Way support.  We rely on private dollars.
  3. A gift goes a long way.  On average, the cost to represent a GJP client is less than $3,000, and our administrative costs are less than 15% of our budget.  A donation goes where it is needed most.

When is Lawyer to Lawyer?

This year, the campaign kicks off on October 25th and will run through the end of February. 

How do I Participate?

  1. Consider what to give (many lawyers donate the equivalent of one to two billable hours).  Gifts of all sizes “count” and are welcomed.
  2. Make a Donation here.
  3. Ask at least one colleague to join you.  It’s not called “Lawyer to Lawyer” for nothing! 
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