An Intern’s Reflection: “One year from today, when I think about GJP, I’ll most remember…”

One year from today, when I think about GJP, I’ll most remember that everyone at the office had a helping hand on where I am today. A year from now I will finally be a freshman in college. No matter where I get accepted or what school I decide to go to, I will always remember that GJP brought about my first “die-hard” supporters in the college decision process. I’m not saying that I don’t have a supportive family that’s here for me in whatever I decide to do.  I’m appreciative for that, but at times having total control could make the difference between what I need to do and what I want to do appear similar. Being here at GJP, the point is made clear to me that failure is not an option for my future. I needed that type of stern guidance. With and amazing support group and a pinch of self-belief, I’m more than certain that the whole college searching thing is going to be easier than I thought before. A special thank you goes to everyone at GJP for being here for me when I needed them most!