An Intern’s Reflection “One Year From Today, When I Think of GJP, I’ll Most Remember…”

…the people.  The staff and employees at GJP compose an eclectic group, but you can really tell that everyone respects one another and are committed to supporting each other in the shared work of the organization.  Even though I came later in the program, everyone was warm and helpful.  The other interns were also amazing, and I learned a lot in my first few weeks by watching how each of them interacted with clients and engaged the people they worked with.  In addition to the employees, I will remember the clients.  I had an opportunity to work on pardon applications where I helped clients collect materials to buttress their requests for pardons from the state.  In the process, our colorful clients shared with me how their criminal convictions and arrests have shaped and changed their life trajectories.  Their letters to the Board of Pardons and Paroles in particular opened my eyes to the decades-long effects of our warped criminal justice system.  On the lighter side, some of the clients are memorable for their bright and lively personalities and their charm.   I have met a lot of people that I otherwise would not have interacted with from Municipal Court Clerks to Department of Juvenile Justice center directors and case managers.  I will remember the people I met this summer for much longer than a year.