CALL TO ACTION – Support HB 402

Support HB 402 – Revising the Expungement Law in Georgia

Do you think people who are arrested in Georgia, but not convicted, should have to carry around the mark of a criminal record for the rest of their lives? Do you think people who are working hard to live productive, crime-free lives should be denied a chance to work based on such an arrest? If your answers are no, then you support the changes to the law proposed in HB 402, available by following this link:

What Will HB 402 Accomplish?

  • Make it easier for people who have charges on their criminal history that did not result in a conviction to move on with their lives and get back to work.
  • Automatically restrict access to arrest records for employment and licensing purposes when a case is not indicted, when it is dismissed, nolle prossed, or dead docketed for 12 months, or the individual is found not guilty at trial.
  • Ensure that limited law enforcement dollars and resources are used effectively by getting rid of the inefficient, costly expungement process.

What Will HB 402 Cost Georgia?

  • Save tax dollars by simplifying the process and freeing up resources for law enforcement.
  • Generate revenue by removing barriers to employment for thousands of Georgians.
  • As Governor Deal noted in his inaugural address, Georgia can no longer afford to spend over a billion dollars a year incarcerating our citizens, instead we need to remove roadblocks for individuals who want to work and make a positive change in their lives, becoming tax payers rather than tax burdens.

How Can You Help?

  • Commit to call at least one member of the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee and tell them you support HB 402 and want to see it considered before the committee (contact info below).
  • Contact your representative and let them know you are interested in HB 402 Don’t know your rep? – click here.
  • Help spread the word about the proposed changes and positive impact HB 402 will have on citizens of Georgia if passed.

House of Judiciary Committee

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