Carlton Langford’s Story – GJP’s Road Volunteer

Carlton is a member of the Episcopal Service Corps (The Road) serving out his year of service at GJP.  As a member of The Road, Carlton shares that this year is deepening his spiritual faith and life experience.  His goal is to be able to lift other people up as he is lifted up—to use his talents for the benefit of good and not in a selfish way.  

Carlton was born a twin (he is 20 minutes older than his twin sister) in Tennessee but raised primarily in the small town of Caruthersville, Missouri.  He now resides with seven fellows living in an intentional community praying together, eating together and sharing budgets.  As one of the older members of the group, Carlton brings a lot of real world experiences.  He really likes the purpose driven goals of The Road’s year of service which guides its members towards a life of meaning.  It encourages its members to question how our actions relate to our spiritual life and how to get there.

A graduate of Howard University (D.C.) with a BBA in Accounting and one semester away from completing his law degree from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, Carlton decided to take this year of service as it was important to him to serve.  Law is something Carlton has wanted to do since a very young age.  More and more, he has come to the realization that he needs to do something that he can use the most of himself in and the legal profession seems to be the path to fulfill his purpose.

“One of the benefits of having lived in so many different locales is that I get to see culture in a different way.  I can appreciate peoples’ diversity and uniqueness”.

He hopes to gain some valuable insights serving his year with GJP.  In his role, he has learned about the tremendous value GJP is able to bring to its clients but also the frustration that we cannot help everyone who needs our help.  He wants to work on policies that affect social justice, education and issues that affect disparities in children’s lives.  This role is also particularly challenging in that he has to be very careful to not give advice as he isn’t an attorney yet.

“I figure, the more that I know, the more that I can help.  I just like helping people”.