Executive Director Doug Ammar’s Chapter in “Transforming Justice, Lawyers, and the Practice of Law”

“A client’s relationship with the Georgia Justice Project is a relationship for life. You are like one big family. You are creating pockets of the Beloved Community.” -U.S. Congressman John Lewis

Executive Director Doug Ammar’s chapter in “Transforming Justice, Lawyers, and the Practice of Law,” explores a fundamental tenet of Georgia Justice Project (GJP)’s mission: our holistic, enduring relationship with our clients. In his own words: 

The factor most significant for this discussion…is our deeper engagement with our clients. GJP employs a long-term relational approach coupled with social service support. We help our clients identify their goals and then support them as they strive to reach them. – Douglas B. Ammar, The Georgia Justice Project: “Reimagining the Lawyer/Client Relationship”

The chapter delves into the many facets of GJP’s work, Doug’s personal journey to this work, GJP client stories, and the impact of race in the criminal justice system. 

Read the full chapter here.

“Transforming Justice”, edited by Marjorie Silver, a Professor of Law at Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, is a collection of writings by participants in the Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law and Politics (PISLAP) and others actively engaged in transforming law, legal education and social justice into something that is collaborative rather than adversarial.

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