GJP Action Alert #3: Record Restriction Included in HB 1176

The Governor’s revised criminal justice reform package, HB 1176, will be heard by the Special Joint Committee on Criminal Justice Reform at 3 p.m. today, Tuesday March 20th. It includes all the substantial revisions to the law that GJP has been advocating since 2009. This is major progress, but we still need your support to remind the General Assembly that they are doing the right thing by including criminal record reform in their efforts. It’s not over until it’s been voted upon by both the House and Senate and signed by Governor Deal!

Please call the following members of the Joint Committee, ask them to vote FOR HB 1176, and THANK THEM for ensuring that HB 1176 includes these most important measures:

If a person is not convicted, this record should not be available to potential employers. The process of restricting records should be fair across the state and decided by a judge. The clerks’ records should be included in record restriction, otherwise, commercial companies can still display these records to potential employers.

House Committee Members

Rep. Rich Golick, Co-Chairman 404.656.5943
Rep. Stacey Abrams 404.656.5058
Rep. Mike Jacobs 404.656.0152
Rep. Jan Jones 404.656.5072
Rep. Jay Neal 404.656.5138
Rep. Larry O’Neal 404.656.5052
Rep. Nikki T. Randall 404.656.0109
Rep. Tom Weldon 404.656.0152
Rep. Wendell Willard 404.656.5125

Senate Committee Members

Sen. Bill Hamrick, Co-Chairman 404- 656-0036
Sen. John Crosby 404- 463-5258
Sen Johnny Grant 404- 656-0082
Sen. Steve Henson 404- 656-008
Sen. Rick Jeffares 404- 656-0503
Sen. Ronald B. Ramsey, Sr. 404- 463-2598
Sen. Chip Rogers 404- 463-137
Sen. Tommie Williams 404- 656-0089