GJP at Expungement Summits in Peach and Clayton County

GJP was busy on the road this past weekend, travelling across Georgia to support two expungement events in Peach County and Clayton County on Saturday.

In Peach County, GJP partnered with State Representative Patty Bentley and Macon District Attorney David Cooke to hold an expungement event in Byron, where over 100 people attended. GJP consulted with about 40 individuals and GJP’s Executive Director, Doug Ammar, gave a presentation about understanding a criminal record, what people can do about their record under current Georgia law, and shared ways people can get involved in the Second Chance for Georgia Campaign to expand expungement.

District Attorney David Cooke spoke about how no one’s past mistakes should be held against them for the rest of their lives and that expungements increase public safety by helping people obtain employment. “The data says that when we increase expungements, crime goes down,” Cook remarked. “…When everybody can more fully participate in the economy and society, all of us benefit, and not just from a crime standpoint, but from an economic standpoint.”

GJP also partnered with Forest Park and Clayton County agencies and Neighborhood Unite for Change to hold an expungement summit in Forest Park. Approximately 65 individuals registered for the summit, and those with eligible charges were able to get their criminal records restricted at the event.

To learn more about how you can support expanding expungement in Georgia, visit our campaign website at www.SecondChanceGeorgia.org.