GJP Board Chair Attends Harvard Business School Nonprofit Leadership Program

Georgia Justice Project Board Chair, Les Klemperer, recently attended a nonprofit leadership program at the Harvard Business School (HBS) thanks in part to a scholarship provided by BoardWalk Consulting and GJP Advisory Board member, Rev. Joanna Adams.  The program, Governing for Nonprofit Excellence, was a three-day course held on the campus of HBS and covered case studies on many issues confronting nonprofit Boards.  The timing for the course was perfect for GJP – coming on the heels of GJP’s Board Retreat and ambitious goal-setting for the Board’s work over the next year.  There are so many ways to give to GJP.  Thanks to Rev. Adams for thinking of GJP, Boardwalk for the scholarship, and Les for the gift of his time and leadership.  All are sure to pay dividends down the road.