GJP Legislative Action Alert

Your help is needed to convince the Georgia General Assembly of the importance of record restriction for people whose cases have not resulted in a conviction. We have a brief window of time in which HB 663, The Creating Opportunities for Employment Act, can be included in the Governor’s important new Criminal Justice Reform package. But this will only happen with your help.

Please call your legislators and say you want the provisions of HB 663–restriction of nonconviction records in pre-employment background screening–included in the Criminal Justice Reform package (HB 1176). Click here for more information on HB663.

Below are phone numbers for the most influential Judiciary Committee members. Your call is particularly valuable if you live in the representative’s home district. However, in addition to the leadership, we encourage you to call your individual representative even if she/he does not serve on this committee.

Rep. Rich Golick: (404) 656-5943
Sen. Bill Hamrick: (404) 656-0036
Sen. Johnny Grant: (404) 656-0082
Sen. Chip Rogers: (404) 463-1378
Rep. Larry O’Neal: (404) 656.5052

In addition, here are links to the full Committee list, and contact information for all legislators.

Thank you for your help.