GJP Speaks at Atlanta Women’s Club Luncheon

GJP Staff Attorney, Brenda Smeeton, spoke at the September luncheon meeting of the Atlanta Women’s Club.  The  policy committee of the Atlanta Women’s Club has supported the Georgia Justice Project for over three years, providing financial assistance and countless volunteer hours at various GJP client events.  Brenda gave the group an update on how Georgia’s laws pertaining to criminal records hinder so many people who want to move on with their lives and support their families.  She was able to report on our success in helping to change the State’s expungement statute, and she told several good client stories.  The club had this quote on the back of their agenda from A Light on Peachtree, A History of the Atlanta Women’s Club.

“No group has been more ridiculed and caricatured than club women, yet no group has contributed more vitality and variety to the cultural scene in this country.  They have rushed in where no angel would dare put foot or wing.  They have prodded and pushed men into action for civic causes from the wilderness community to the metropolitan.”

The Georgia Justice Project has been the fortunate recipient of such support from the Atlanta Women’s Club and is grateful to have had this opportunity to address the membership.