GJP Welcomes Two New Staff Members

Georgia Justice Project (GJP) is excited to welcome two new staff members, Ann Colloton and Zandria Redding.

Zandria Redding

Zandria Redding joins GJP as the Reentry Employment Specialist, connecting formerly justice-involved individuals with employment opportunities. Zandria’s work will focus on the Metro Reentry Facility (MRF), where she will be collaborating with key partners to establish employer relationships and match returning citizens with employment upon release.

Since the summer of 2018, GJP has been assisting returning citizens at Metro Reentry Facility (MRF), a new prison in Atlanta, by removing their most significant legal barriers to reentry.  Zandria comes to GJP with five years of experience working as an employment specialist for individuals in a transitional center. With her skills and connections, Zandria will be a valuable asset to the efforts at MRF.

Ann Colloton

Ann Colloton joins GJP as the Policy and Outreach Coordinator. Ann will coordinate GJP’s various policy initiatives and help expand outreach around the state and to impacted communities. A focus for Ann will be developing a Second Chance outreach and education campaign to support GJP’s efforts to expand expungement of convictions in Georgia in the 2020 session. Ann will also be supporting GJP’s role in coordinating the record restriction summits happening across the state.

Through our direct service and policy work, GJP is dedicated reducing barriers to employment, housing, and other opportunities caused by a criminal record. Ann has an extensive background in organizing and supporting criminal justice reform and we are excited to welcome her to our policy team.