GJP’s Newest Record Restriction Manual is Now Available!

Hot off the presses! Georgia Justice Project is excited to announce that we’ve finished the fourth edition of our record restriction manual (with plenty of new and expanded content since the previous edition) and have copies available for purchase!

“A Guide to Understanding and Correcting Criminal Records in Georgia” was created to help individuals with a Georgia criminal history, attorneys and service providers understand how to get a copy of a criminal history, how to correct mistakes, how to apply for record restriction and sealing (expungement), and how to apply for a pardon.  The guide also includes sections on Georgia’s First Offender law, what employers and other decision-makers can access on a criminal history report, and how private background companies access and report information.

The fourth edition includes new information on housing and voting, as well as an update on the new Retroactive First Offender law. We have also expanded our information on record sealing in this newest version, as well as revised the model motions in the guide to reflect changes in Georgia law.

Many thanks to Canterbury Press for printing our newest edition, as well as North Coast Post, LLC for help with updating our design.

To purchase a guide, please click here.