Record Restriction Seminars

A staggering 3.7 million Georgians have criminal records and many face a daunting array of counterproductive legal barriers that make it difficult for them to succeed in important aspects of life.

Lack of access to employment, housing, civic life, state IDs, and food assistance present major obstacles for individuals seeking to escape the cycle of poverty and crime.

Now there is a real opportunity to effect positive change for millions of Georgians.

Georgia recently passed HB1176 and HB349, which included groundbreaking legislation that will allow more people to get the jobs they are qualified for because their arrest records will be kept private during pre-employment background checks. Georgia Justice Project was instrumental in drafting this legislation and Central Outreach & Advocacy Center assisted in mobilizing the community to push for its passage.OAC logo

Georgia Justice Project and Central Outreach & Advocacy Center have now joined together to facilitate community dialogue about these barriers and to mobilize impacted individuals and other stakeholders to advocate for additional policies that can help end this cycle of poverty and crime.

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