Enhance the Chance: GJP Lobby Day at the Capitol

Enhance the Chance Lobby Day on March 6th 8:30 – 12:00pm

If you haven’t already done so, please register for Enhance the Chance: Georgia Justice Project Lobby Day at the Capitol on March 6th.

GJP will provide transportation for people traveling from Albany but space is limited. Please call Ms. Evette Mills from Albany Second Chance as soon as possible at (865) 617-2859, or send an email to albanysecondchance@att.net to determine if space is still available.

Click here for Lobby Day logistical information.

Senate Bill 365 Passed in the Senate this Week and Includes the Amendments!!!

Thanks to everyone who called and emailed their Senators and spread the word in support of SB 365 and the amendments to stop the reporting of exonerated first offender records and to protect employers that hire people with pardons. The bill was heard on the Senate floor on Wednesday and Senator Stone offered the two amendments.  We are thrilled to report that the bill and the amendments passed unanimously by a vote of 53-0.

You can find the bill as passed in the Senate by clicking here

The next step for SB365 is to go to the house and be considered by the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. The bill will need to be passed in the house in the next ten legislative days in order to pass this year. The legislative session will conclude on Thursday, March 20th.

How You Can Help

It is important that members of the House Judiciary Committee before know there is broad support for SB365.  You can also contact your representative in the house and let them know you support SB365 and want them to vote YES when it goes to the house for a vote.

Here are some talking points to share with the committee and your representative in support of the bill:

  • Nearly 4 million, or 1 in 3 Georgians have a criminal record.
  • The only way to reduce recidivism is to support employment opportunities, but many cannot get the jobs they need to support their families.
  • SB 365 will reduce barriers to employment for people with criminal records, save correctional costs and yield tax revenue because:
  1.  Consumer reporting agencies will not report sealed/restricted records to employers.
  2.  Employers will be protected if they hire those who have proven rehabilitation.
  3.  Drivers’ licenses will not automatically be suspended for convictions unrelated to a vehicle.  Your ongoing participation has been central to our success and we appreciate it.

Thanks for your support,

Marissa McCall Dodson,

GJP Policy Director 

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