Second Chance Day – Thank You!

We are excited to share about the great things that happened at Second Chance Day on Tuesday! Over 150 people heard from legislators, people with a criminal record, attorneys, and advocates about the need and the progress being made to expand expungement (record restriction) in Georgia.  Following the speaking portion of the event, attendees took action steps by calling elected prosecutors and speaking with legislators about expanding record restriction. You can do the same— check our campaign website and see specifics below!

Check out this five minute video that tells the compelling story of why Georgia should expand its record restriction law—from a personal, legal, economic and faith perspective. Share it, re-post and re-tweet it.

Also—watch the recording of the Second Chance Day program and see all the handouts and power point slides. If you can’t watch the entire recording, here are a few key timestamps:

  • 34:35 Rep. Houston Gaines (R-Athens) (R-Athens) speaking about working with the Georgia Justice Project to introduce legislation soon that would expand record restriction (4 min)
  • 44:00 Brenda Smeeton, Legal Director of Georgia Justice Project, giving an overview of the current law and recent efforts to expand it (10 min)
  • 58:30 Panel with John Helton of Atlanta Career Rise, Marilynn Winn of Women on the Rise, and Sherry Boston, Dekalb County District Attorney – (27 min)
  • 1:25:30 Rep. Chuck Efstration (R-Dacula & Chair of the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee) expressing support for expanding record restriction this legislative session (5 min)

Even if you were unable to attend, you can take action from home to advocate for record restriction. Click here for information on how to find your elected officials, as well as talking points for expanding expungement. Be brief and relaxed – you will probably leave a message with a staff person. Every call matters!

Let know what kind of response you get when you call. Stay tuned for more action alerts as bills get called for hearings in committee, which could be as early as next week.