Southern Regional Summit on Fair Hiring

May 18, 2015, the first regional summit on fair hiring was held in Atlanta to accelerate the national dialogue around strengthening the economy by promoting the employment of qualified workers with criminal records.  

GJP’s Executive Director, Douglas Ammar, was among other panelists discussing and addressing concerns about criminal record based discrimination, neglect hiring, and ways to create a win-win for employers and qualified candidates with criminal histories.

Topics included:

  • The “20 Best Practices for the Use of Criminal Background Checks in Hiring Decisions”, and other practical steps outlined in the guidebook, Best Practice Standards: The Proper Use of Criminal Records in Hiring.
  • Understanding research and practices related to recidivism, job retention, background screening, and liability risks.
  • Federal, state and local fair hiring laws in the region, available employer incentives, liability protections, and policy reforms to support business and labor.
  • Innovative public/private partnerships that connect qualified and skilled workers with criminal records to available jobs in the labor market.

This event is funded through the National Reentry Resource Center, a project of the CSG Justice Center administered by the U.S. Department Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Please view the flyer with the listing of all participating partners for the Southern Regional Summit on Fair Hiring.