Top 25 Reasons to Give to GJP

  1. 230 people are on our waiting list. The demand for GJP’s service is great. Your support allows us to serve more people.
  2. Respect. From the moment clients ring our doorbell or call our offices, they are treated kindly and with respect for their humanity and their individual situation and needs.
  3. HB 663. Georgia’s laws related to criminal histories are atrocious and GJP is working hard to change them.
  4. GJP Staff. These 13 people serve hundreds of people each year who are facing a legal crisis. They work for relatively low wages, but out of an abiding sense that justice should be available to all – regardless of the ability to pay.
  5. Macon, GA. We’re trying something new and, with the support of the local community, opening an office in Macon.
  6. Direct services AND advocacy. Each aspect of our work strengthens the other.
  7. The ripple effect. We work with individuals. Those individuals are members of families and communities. If our individual clients can become healthier individuals, families can be stronger and communities safer.
  8. 3.3 million people in Georgia have a criminal record. GJP is the only agency in the state helping people deal with the barriers to jobs and housing that these 3.3. million face.
  9. Underlying issues. GJP works with people and helps them look at the issues that got them into trouble in the first place.
  10. Long-term investment. In its work with clients, GJP models what many know intuitively to be true. There is no silver bullet solution to overcoming a lifetime of poverty and disadvantage. So GJP makes an investment in both immediate impact and long-term relationship with its clients – and often its clients’ families – in order for lives to change.
  11. Mikey Mike. A GJP client who made a mistake, hung out with the wrong crowd and got into a fight. The next thing he knew, he was facing a serious charge of assault and battery. As a GJP client, he got good legal help and – more important – he got help with anger management and other life skills. He also got help getting a job and an apartment. Now, he’s a hard-working, tax-paying Georgian.
  12. Interns like Claire, and Barrett, and Atoyia. Each year, GJP brings on 7-10 young people to experience our work firsthand. We have inspired hundreds of future lawyers, social workers and others to advocate for change in the criminal justice system.
  13. Breaking Bread. Each year, GJP hosts Thanksgiving ,Christmas and Back 2 School events for our clients. These events provide needed supplies, gifts, and/or food – but more importantly help us stay connected to our clients.
  14. March 3rd. And every day of the year – often for many years. GJP is here for our clients when they need us.
  15. Edgewood Ave. In this scruffy neighborhood, in the shadow of Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr.’s grave, GJP stands as a beacon of hope for folks who are facing a crisis in their lives.
  16. Experts Agree. GJP is an award-winning, highly-regarded nonprofit. We have a strategic plan. We are working that plan to serve our clients better. We are innovative. We are unique.
  17. 10%. Fewer than 10% of GJP legal clients get further jail time or time in prison. (Nationwide, the rate is over 70%.)
  18. 59%. We get good legal results. For the last two years, 59% of our cases have resulted in non-convictions.
  19. 17%. GJP’s recidivism rate is 1/3 the national average.
  20. 35. The number of GJP clients who are in Georgia’s prisons. We visit each one several times each year and help their families visit, as well.
  21. Leverage. Georgia Justice Project does a lot with a little. And your donation goes a long way. Our average cost per client is just $3000. And lives are transformed.
  22. Vision. GJP envisions a world where a criminal history does not stand in the way of an economically stable life. You can help us get there.
  23. Two-way street. At GJP, we offer our clients a lot of help. But they have to agree to help themselves, too. In the words of one, “they set you up with all the resources, but it’s up to you to take advantage of the opportunity.”
  24. You. We can do our work because of the regular, ongoing support of people like you. A donation in any amount makes a huge difference.
  25. 25! GJP has offered justice, rehabilitation and hope to the most needy in our community for 25 years on almost nothing.Your support can give us a solid base for the next 25 years.