Georgia Justice Project 2014 Policy Recommendations

In an effort to consolidate the research the Georgia Justice Project (GJP) has conducted based on the organization’s efforts to improve reentry in Georgia, as well as directives GJP has received from the Governor’s Office of Transition, Support and Reentry, the Reentry Subcommittee of the Criminal Justice Reform Council and the Senate Expungement Reform Committee, GJP makes the following recommendations:

1.  The state should convene a series of roundtable discussions with employers and others so that policymakers can better understand the challenges faced by employers and establish a partnership with the business community in order to develop realistic solutions together.

Attachment:  Concept Paper

2.  Protect Employers from Negligent Hiring Based on Criminal Records

Attachments:  Protect Employers from Negligent Hiring Liability Based on Criminal Records

3.  Restore the Intent of Georgia’s First Offender Law so that first offenders can move forward with their lives after the successful completion of their sentences.

Attachments:  Restore the intent of Georgia’s First Offender Act

4.  Revise the Pardon System so that those convicted of a crime are afforded a valuable tool that demonstrates rehabilitation to employers and other decision-makers.

Attachments:  Revise Georgia’s Pardon System

5.  The state, as an employer, should improve the way criminal records are considered and enhance the chance for public employment for those with criminal records.

Attachments:  Enhance the chance for employment