GJP’s Holistic Model

GJP’s holistic approach has three key components: First, our attorneys provide high-quality legal defense at no charge. Our goal is to ensure the criminal justice system functions properly and that our clients are afforded due process.

As their case is being resolved, we assign each client and their family to a member of our social work staff, who offer a range of counseling, job training, and referral services. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ life circumstances change so living crime-free lives is not only possible but actively supported. Should our clients have to serve time in prison, we do not abandon them. Rather, we communicate regularly and visit several times a year. We also help arrange for families to visit so support networks are maintained.

Unemployment, poverty and crime are inextricably linked. Over 90% of those involved in the criminal justice system fall below the federal poverty line. Though poverty might have been one of the underlying factors for a person’s arrest – the criminal justice system too often becomes a force keeping folks in poverty. For instance, a criminal record in Georgia is a major impediment to getting a job or keeping/obtaining public housing. Employment and housing are two fundational elements of economic stability. Both of these can be denied people who want to create stability after a criminal conviction, thereby keeping them in poverty and vulnerable to re-offending. GJP’s innovative, holistic approach helps end this cycle of poverty and crime.

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