Social Services

Aside from legal representation, GJP provides our clients with a host of social services to aid them in regaining positive control in their lives.

Before we accept a client, we use an extensive interview process that culminates in a “trial” period. It is generally four weeks and is a good way for us to find out if a potential client is a good match for us and vice versa. Before the trial period begins, the individual signs a contract that outlines what we require of them in order to represent them legally.

This contract applies to the trial period and for a specified time period if the trial period is completed satisfactorily.

After the trial period is a probationary period in which clients complete weekly group meetings, individual counseling, drug treatment, and any other programs GJP feels are necessary to help the client. However, many clients are incarcerated, so there are different requirements for them.

GJP currently has 27 clients incarcerated in prisons across Georgia. Another aspect of the Social Services program is to provide support for these clients and their families. Frequent communication via mail and personal visits remind these clients that they have not been forgotten and that people care about them.

We also offer cash assistance when needed as our clients start to stabilize their life, including:

  • Rental
  • Utilities
  • Grocery
  • Transportation
  • Court fees for record restriction

Our Social Staff Members

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