For Lawyer to Lawyer Captains


Find below resources and ideas for prospective and current captains. To volunteer as a captain, or with questions or ideas, email:

Jacob Geerlings – Development Manager, 404-827-0027 ext 266

Thank you for volunteering your time to help GJP raise money and meet new legal volunteers.

Suggested steps:

  1. Make your own pledge/gift. Mail us a check or donate online. To pledge, contact Jacob.
  2. Prepare your ask Memo. Prepare an ask document, based on the template here. Tailor it to your firm’s norms and your voice. It’s meant to be a form letter, so you may want to use it as an attachment with a more personal ask in the email body. You could also plan to post it on some bulletin board or group chat channel.
  3. Download our one-pagers (or save the links to share with your peers).
  4. Plan your events. Will you host a virtual happy hour with your coworkers? Speak at other teams’ standing meetings? To schedule professionalism CLEs with Doug Ammar, our Executive Director, email
  5. Look for a matching donor. Matching donors encourage people to donate. If you think your firm would be willing to give a matching donation, talk to them early in your planning.
  6. Stretch your list. Is there a consultant, vendor, or friend outside your firm who would be interested in GJP? Consider adding them to your main email list or sending them a separate email more tailored to their interests.
  7. SEND! Distribute your memo, make phone calls and emails, post on social media, and leave notes on bulletin boards and in work chat channels.
  8. Follow up. Many people will love your first communication but will not take action immediately. Remind people of your call to action with your own messaging in various channels: by phone/voice chat, individual emails, or social posts.