For Lawyer to Lawyer Captains Only






Thank you for being with us.  Captains are critical to the success of Lawyer to Lawyer because they help us reach many more people than our staff ever could.  Lawyer to Lawyer is from November 2017 through the end of February 2018.  Please execute your campaign anytime during that period. 

Suggested Campaign Steps and Materials

  1. Make your own pledge/gift.  Please make your contribution to GJP sooner rather than later.   Please write a check or donate online and select Lawyer to Lawyer under “Type of Donation.” Thank you in advance for this essential step.
  2. Prepare your Ask Memo for lawyers (and, we hope, others) at your firm – language for your Ask memo is available here and remember to give everyone a pledge form. Please tailor it to align with your voice and your firm’s norms.  Share GJP’s “By the Numbers” video with your colleagues.
  3. If you use hard copy, attach the one pagers.  The GJP Overview and FY2017 Annual Report are particularly helpful if you elect to use a hard copy, which is demonstrated as very effective, if not entirely environmentally correct.  So many of us get far too many emails.  Think about who tunes out his/her email and consider sending a hard copy and the one pagers to those individuals.
  4. Stretch your list.  Is there a consultant helping you grow your practice or another consultant/vendor that is in touch with you?  Have you recently helped a friend with his/her non-profit?  Consider sending the memo to those people as well with an intro they would find interesting.  It’s called Lawyer to Lawyer, but we hope you can use this opportunity to demonstrate to as many as possible that you believe in GJP’s work and deem it worthy of investment. 
  5. Conceive your kick-off and work with GJP staff to schedule it.  Would a CLE by Doug be helpful?  See a list of Doug’s CLEs approved by the GA State Bar.  If you work in tandem with your firm’s United Way effort (GJP can be a write-in designee), please let us help you plan an information session about participating in both Lawyer to Lawyer and United Way.
  6. Consider a matching gift from the firm or from one lead donor. All of us like to give when our donor is matched.
  7. Distribute the Ask Memo and develop amplification tactics.
  8. Follow Up.  Generally follow up is the hardest part, but also the most important.  Remember that people are swamped but also really want to help.  Mention it to people, send personalized emails, and try to stay on it.  We will provide you with past donors so that you are hitting the most likely prospects with the greatest precision. 
  9. Stay in touch.  Let us know how it’s going so that we can lend you a hand along the way.

 Thank you for your support and participation.  We value the effort it takes.  Always call us with any ideas, questions or concerns:

  • Lori Glidewell – Director of Development, (404) 827-0027 ext. 217