GJP Salesforce Training

Please watch the videos and perform the Trailhead exercises in the order in which they are presented below, as each builds on the other. However, you’ll notice that some sections are titled “GJP Programs” while others are “GJP Development” – feel free to skip the sections that don’t apply to you.

The “Trailhead” is what Salesforce calls their training tutorials. Trailheads are how you learn Salesforce.

(PLEASE NOTE: All of the Trailheads will direct you to create and use a “Playground” so you can perform the training steps yourself as you follow along. You don’t have to create a Playground however, because I have already done that for you with the Sandbox (the GJP test site). Just log in to the Sandbox with the link and the username and password that I sent to you and do the Trailhead exercises from there.)

One final note: You’ll find that many of the videos below are simply short overviews of a topic that the corresponding Trailhead covers in detail. It’s not necessary to watch the videos first, but the videos are all very short and provide a quick context for what you’ll be learning in the Trailhead.

Sandbox URL: https://test.salesforce.com/

Salesforce Documentation

Basic Salesforce

  • Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for Salesforce – Video (3:39) — Salesforce calls the nonprofit version of their software the “Nonprofit Success Pack” (NPSP). This is their Program Management introductory video.
  • Let’s Take it for a Spin – Video (4:26) — A quick, general overview of the standard Salesforce app, without any customizations.
  • Trailhead Basics – Trailhead — Not necessary, but helpful if you have time. An introduction on how to use Trailhead.
  • Salesforce User Basics – Trailhead — The most important tutorial on this whole page. Do not skip this tutorial!
  • Glossary of Terms — I encourage everyone to at least read through this once. The Salesforce naming conventions are very different from GJP’s, and in many cases it was not possible to change that nomenclature, so you will be faced with unfamiliar terminology for familiar GJP processes.

The Home Page

Provide Feedback


Households & Organizations

Activities, Notes & Files


GJP Programs — Contacts/Intake

GJP Programs — Criminal Records/Criminal Defense/Social Services

GJP Development

Because Salesforce was built with sales in mind, there is significantly more training materials on fundraising & development than on program management. Therefore, I have just gathered everything that looks like it might be of interest and dropped them into the two categories below. These are not intended to be consumed in the order presented. I recommend just browsing through these and learning in the order you choose.