Applauding Kenyetta “KeKe” Wilson – A GJP Volunteer

KeKe has a long history with the people of GJP.  Starting with her volunteer service with the Grant Park Neighborhood Association, KeKe demonstrated a strong desire and commitment to bettering her community.  From assisting with fundraising, to supporting the bathing suit drive for children to be able to swim in the pool, to managing refreshment activities, she could always be counted on to step up to the plate every summer.   IMG_7134

As a neighbor of GJP’s Executive Director, Doug Ammar and a long-time friend of GJP’s Development Director, Melissa Devereaux, Keke was frequently encouraged to come get to know GJP.  After the loss of her job in 2011, KeKe decided she would do just that. Right from the start, she was enamored with the organization and its mission.  She served in the intake division helping clients with their expungement efforts, answering phones, and eventually moving into the Coming Home Program.  It was here that she found her place and served the duration of her service as the organization’s court courier three to four days a week until returning to work full-time in November, 2012. 

When Keke first began going to the courts she impressed the clerks so much with her commitment and zeal that she was able to save GJP thousands of dollars in copy fees in as many as three different county court jurisdictions.  Even as court staff transitioned from one role to another, they always made sure the incoming clerk knew who KeKe was and to make sure they took care of her.  The friendships she developed and the people she met are still very special to her.

KeKe’s time with GJP has given her a more holistic perspective about the criminal justice system and greatly impacts her work as a probation officer.  What she may have accepted as fact before on a person’s record she now probes for correctness and validity.  She also tends to be more empathetic to the stories of her probationers.  KeKe’s experience with GJP has helped make a difference not only in her life but also in the lives of the men and women she serves and work with in her professional role.

GJP is proud and honored to have had Kenyetta Wilson serve with us.