Celebrating Lisa Banes – A GJP Volunteer

When Lisa first joined the Atlanta Woman’s Club (part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs), she was immediately sought out as a leader.  Chairing the Conservation Committee, Lisa brought needed resources and volunteer support to the nonprofit organizations they partnered with.  In 2009, Lisa’s role switched and she was asked to chair the Public Issues Committee.  With a few dollars that needed to be quickly allocated, she did what most would do—Googled organizations in the Atlanta area addressing public issues.IMG_4095

 Lisa’s search brought her to the doors of GJP and an on-going partnership was formed.  Not only do the Atlanta Woman’s Club support GJP through funds, but their members, under Lisa’s leadership, probably participate in more hands-on activities with GjP than any other organization they support.

Lisa believes the reason for this is that GJP is an organization that sees a problem that needs fixing and does something about it.  For the past four years, the Atlanta Woman’s Club has supported multiple events and drives sponsored by GJP including the annual Client Christmas Party: Lisa and her good friend Nancy Kosmoski shop for gifts for the children of GJP’s clients; Lisa’s husband of 23 years, Bruce Freeman, takes hundreds of pictures with Santa and our client families at the party; and Club members help with setup, food service and cleanup

In addition the Christmas Party, Lisa and her fellow Club members participate in the annual Back to School Event, collecting donations, giving out supplies to the children, manning booths and staffing games and activities. Club members and participate in other GJP committees and activities, like GJP’s annual Thanksgiving Box drive, whenever they’re needed.

Not only does Lisa support the work of GJP through the Atlanta Woman’s Club, Lisa and her husband have made personal and professional contributions as well.  This speaks to Lisa’s personal ethic and strong belief in the impact GJP has on the community.  Lisa can always be counted on to step up and lead or just be a team player.  It is one of her exemplary qualities.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys traveling, gardening, reading and shopping for shoes!  GJP is honored to celebrate Lisa Banes for all she does in the community, for our clients and the example she sets in the Atlanta community.