Criminal Records CLE – March 25th

Are you a legal professional who would like to help people impacted by the criminal legal system? Join us for our upcoming CLE and Volunteer Clinic!

4.6 million people have a Georgia criminal record. People with a criminal record face many collateral consequences. In Georgia, there are approximately 900 laws which impose barriers for people with a criminal record in almost every aspect of life: employment, housing, occupational licensing, voting, immigration, adoption, public benefits, and education. This training is designed to teach lawyers and other legal professionals the basics of criminal records law in Georgia. It includes information on how to read a criminal record, and what types of legal relief are available to those with a criminal record. Detailed information about Georgia’s latest revisions to the law will be presented. This presentation includes detailed information about volunteering with the Georgia Justice Project’s Criminal Records Program. Approved for two-hour general credit by the GA State Bar.

Following the training, we will host a Criminal Records Clinic from 2-2:30PM for volunteers to be paired with a Georgia Justice Project client to assist with clearing their record. Volunteers will be provided a file for their client, as well as a template petition and contact information for the prosecutor. Pending any conflicts check, the volunteer will represent the client in their record restriction matter and contact them within a week of the clinic.

Date & Time: March 25, 2022 / 12pm – 2pm.
Location: Virtual; a Zoom link will be provided 
Cost: Free to attend. If you would like to receive CLE credit, an additional fee will be assessed by the Bar. 

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