GJP Partners with Fulton County Solicitor’s Office for “Freedom Summit”

On Saturday, January 27th GJP partnered with Fulton County Solicitor General Keith Gammage’s office for the Labor & Government Restorative Justice Freedom Summit. The purpose of the summit was to assist individuals with a criminal record, who qualified, have their records restrict (expunge) their records in one day. This is the third summit of its kind in Fulton County. Over 700 individuals attended the summit and hundreds received criminal records relief. GJP staff provided criminal records consultations for over 120 individuals.  

In an article by 11alive, GJP Legal Director Brenda Smeeton spoke about the price individuals pay for arrests on their record, even those that did not result in a conviction.

In an interview with Rebecca Lindstrom, Brenda described the “life-changing” relief provided by the record restriction summits organized by Fulton, DeKalb in Gwinnett over the past year: “The statistics show us that the majority of employers will not hire somebody that has a criminal record, even if it did not result in a conviction…I think most Georgians have no idea how many people out there are dealing with this issue.”

View the article and video here.