Upcoming Expungement Summits

Georgia Justice Project (GJP) has been hard at work supporting record restriction summits (also known as “expungement summits”) across the state of Georgia. These summits are a focused, one-day effort to restrict and seal eligible non-convictions from an individual’s Georgia criminal history, with the goal is to remove barriers to employment and housing and increase opportunities for a stable, productive life. A calendar of upcoming events is below.


SATURDAY, February 29th, 2020: Cobb County Record Restriction Event & Job Expo  

Event Details:

  • Time: 10 AM-3:30PM
  • Location: 135 Riverside Parkway, Austell, GA 30168

For specific charges in Cobb County, you may be eligible to restrict your criminal record from public view. Restricting arrest records might help you get a job or housing, and a clean start.

This event is open to the first 250 applicants. Register here today.