Georgia Justice Project reduces barriers to employment and housing for people with criminal records through direct representation as well as policy change. This not only helps individuals who are seeking good jobs and economic opportunity, but it helps employers who are looking to find and retain qualified workers amidst growing labor shortages.

More than a decade ago, when GJP started our criminal records work, we engaged with employers as a way to learn and understand their concerns about, as well as their interests in, hiring people who have a criminal record. We held numerous employer roundtable events aimed at this goal. Summaries of some of those events are below.

In 2020, GJP’s relationship with the business community shifted from quieter consultation to a more public partnership because people now understand that these changes benefit all Georgians, not just those with a criminal record. With bipartisan and business community support, we passed two significant pieces of legislation that reduce barriers to employment.

GJP attorneys frequently speak at workforce and employer events—to articulate the business case for second chance hiring, to explain what Georgia’s new expungement law means for employers, and give guidance on how companies can remove unnecessary barriers in their screening and hiring policies and practices.

GJP also held two events in 2021 to help employers who are interested in exploring second chance hiring. In August, we co-sponsored an event with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta about the need for and benefits of second chance hiring. Employers who attended that event expressed a need for more practical guidance, so in December, we co-sponsored an event with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce focused on that detailed information. We hope that those who were not able to attend can still benefit by viewing the videos and resources below.

Past Employer Event Information:

Getting Georgians Back to Work: Addressing the Labor Shortage Through Second Chance Hiring
December 3, 2021  co-sponsored by GJP & the Georgia Chamber of Commerce
Click for a recording and power point slides of the event.

Economic Opportunity, Racial Equity & the Criminal Justice System: a private sector perspective on second chance hiring and more
August 10, 2021 co-sponsored by GJP & the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.
Click for a recording, power point slides and written summary of the event.

Employer to Employer: Georgia’s Business Leaders Support Second Chances for Rehabilitated Individuals January 2019

Georgia Roundtable on Employment & Individuals with Criminal Records September 2017

Reducing the Risk of a Criminal Record: The Employer’s Perspective November 2014

If you are a member of the private sector and have interest in participating in upcoming events or serving as a resource for our policy efforts, please contact Ann Colloton at Ann@GJP.org or 404-827-0027 ext. 248.  To learn how your company can become a financial supporter of GJP, contact Ermis Zayas at Ermis@GJP.org or 404-827-0027 ext. 217, or read here.